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Fantastic maiden flight of the ASK 13 prototype! See more...

See the ASK13 to Segelflugmesse



Tiger Moth


See DE-470 gallery



Anti-spin strakes availables.


Fokker E.I Eindecker 1:2,5 scale (40%)
This kit represents the true state of the art and exactly reproduces the real plane. The yoke is actuated by the servos and controls the wing warping and the elevator. The pedal controls the rudder. This is not just for the scale fidelity, but also for enhanced functionality. This way, the loads from the surfaces are transmitted to the joystick and foot pedals, without burdening directly on the servos.
All materials reproduce the original: only metal and wood, no fiberglass, no balsa, and of course no foam.
The airfoil and wing incidence are true to the original 1914 Fokker section, giving a flight extremely faithful to that of the real Fokker E.I and wonderful emotions and feelings to the lucky pilot.
Paolo Severin
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Download Eindecker Photo Manual and Eindecker on the airfield:
EImanual EIontheairfield

Fieseler Storch 1/4 scale, powered by Titan ZG38 with Toni Clark reduction gear

See landing with 40 kmh wind

A positive test for the new petrol engine with 2.8:1 reduction gear.
See movie



Frank Browatzki (Germany) has installed a boxer 120 Valach on his Grasshopper 1/3 scale.
The plane flies very well and has a great reserve of power.
Ideal for glider towing.

Aeronca C3 40% scale
4,4 mt (14,5 ft) wingspan, 17,5 kg (38,5 lb), Valach 120 engine

From Sal Iasilli - USA
“After more than 4 months I now have my 40% pilot from Axel.
He looks happy to be flying in my C-3..."

Aldo Toni yellow and light blue C3 piloted by Stan and Oliver.

Gian Paolo Mutti NC12407

NC13556 prototype

A real giant that can enter in a normal station wagon car, (i.e. VolksWagen Passat).

Fantastic maiden flight!
See movie
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See hi res photo


Download C3 articles on FMT (German) or Settimo Cielo (Italiano)

Sal Iasilli (Model Airplane News reporter - USA) 1/3 scale Storck with DA50
see article and movie


Morane Saulnier 502, french version of the Fieseler Storch with Steel radial glow engine
see photo


The Grasshopper kit 1/3 scale, J3 version on request
see details

download FMT article in German

Scale float kit
see details
see hi res photo
see video of maiden flight.

In order to build a beautiful scale model, you only have to make the most faithful replica of the real plane. I discovered this simple truth when I built my first Fieseler Storch, which I constructed with a welded steel tubing fuselage identical to the full size aeroplane.
The final result was simply astonishing!

See movie
from "Dyed in the wool"
Director Marco Gentili -

By replicating the skeletal structure it gives an extremely realistic finish, both to the external look, as well as to the interior viewed through the cabin windows. Because you are not in front of just another big scale model, but of a real, true-to-scale aircraft.
These aircraft (I apologize, but I really can’t call them simply “models”) are not only pleasing to the eye, but their flight characteristics are incredibly similar to those of the full size. This is because of the larger scales I've chosen and because of intensive study and research of original plans and airfoils. There are other benefits too. Not only are these stainless steel structures extremely strong, but also very light, much lighter than their traditional balsa/ply counterparts. Let’s see an example: a traditional quarter scale replica of a Fieseler Storch weighs around 17 kgs, but my Storch weighs only 11,5 kgs and in comparison is much, much stronger.
In my kits nothing is left to chance on structural integrity and leaves the modeler free to finish the aircraft according to personal preference, for a wonderful, true to scale aeroplane. Because construction replicates the full size it can withstand a lot of abuse and even the hardest landings. Similarly small repairs and servicing are simple and straightforward. Therefore the operational life of these large scale aircraft is bound to be similar to that of their beautifully preserved full-size brothers, many of which are still flying to this day and are so evocative of bygone eras.

Paolo Severin

Welded tube frames
I have been building for the last few years almost all the scale reproductions airplanes with a fuselage structure made with welded tubes.


Scale ribs
The weight of each rib is almost the same of the rib made in balsa or lightened poplar plywood but with a far superior strength.


For real scale instrument panels:


For real scale flyng wire:


la brochure en français:


Ozzano Radio Model Show 2011
Pilot Mauro Gallana - Bücker Jungmeister 1/3 whit 7 cyl glow radial engine by Steel,

Benoit Dierickx demo ending the 2012 F3A European Championship
with his BU133 50% built by Palo Severin
see movie


The Blériot kit

See movie

Blériot pdf article (english version)


My new personal Bücker 1/3 scale
with a
Steel 7 cyl 90 cc glow radial engine

See movie of 1rst fly


Fantastic Fieseler Storch 1/3 scale
See movie of 1rst fly


See Fieseler 1/4 scale movie

Customer satisfaction:

Hallo, Paolo! I send you some photos about the „Fieseler Storch“, built from your exqusitite kit.
It flyes great! The Storch is powered by an electric motor with gear (Scorpion with reisenauer gear 5:1) an 10S LiPo. With bests regard from Austria!
Herbert Hammer

"Paolo, we had a break in the windy weather on Saturday and I had a friend maiden the Eindecker. Flew great. Had a good crowd to witness. Everyone thinks I'm a master builder. They don't know how easy you make this build. Excellent engineering: I'm a retired R/D engineer and my opinion used to matter. Thanks for bringing this wonderful plane to life.
I attached pictures from the flight and pictures showing the foam roll I'm using to cushion the front of the plane when tilted up. What a monster!!!!!!
Ed Gross"
Maiden flight:

E1 and me

apr 22 pad tilt